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    If this is your first visit to this site, start with the Warsaw Ghetto.  These nine paintings, using images of the Jews shipped to death camps from Warsaw during 1942 as models, were created after a Jewish couple in San Diego bought the first one, titled "Summer of ’42 - Warsaw". They said it gave them a positive feeling about the Holocaust. The title suggested the contrast between it and the 1971 Warner Brothers movie "Summer of '42", about an adolescent boys yearnings on a New England Island.   Concentration Camp survivors have said that the paintings should be in the museum in Washington, D.C.

    Next view the Kalevala series, nine paintings depicting scenes from the Finnish Epic, which after reading, Longfellow wrote "Hiawatha".

    Look at Maitreya Buddha, or “May All Sentient Beings Be Happy”, the painting inspired by Maire's seminar with the Dalai Lama in 1989 during which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    For a chronological view start with 1974 on Site Map, paintings which caused the Norfolk, Va. Ledger Star Art Critic, Cornelia Justice, to label Maire "A Palme that thrives in a Metaphysical Hothouse".

    Look at "Judgement", the painting about which the Art Critic for the San Diego Tribune, Mark Elliot Lugo, said "An entire exhibition of Maire Palme's art would probably be overpowering".

    Most, and probably all, of Maire's  paintings have subliminal images in them.  But because they are subliminal sometimes you see them, but usually you don't.  In Subject List you will find two paintings that have subliminal images that are relatively easy to see.  These are The Wolf & The Coyote  and The Mask.  For more information go to Definition of Subliminal.

    This site has 480 pages.  Site Map lists the paintings available for exhibition in the order created.  Subject List makes it easy to find paintings of particular subjects. 

    The pages that have images or descriptions of paintings have the navigation menu at the bottom.  Any word or words that are underlined are hyperlinks to another page.